About us

We are small team of SharePoint Developers from Estonia who create awesome apps to serve Businesses around the world, with great content related to finance industry!

SharePinPöint Apps and IT Services OÜ


Tornimäe tn 5 Kesklinna linnaosa Tallinn Estonia, 10145 Harju Maakond


EU: +49 1590 630 1547 | US +1 360 2444 330 


[email protected]

Estonian Business Registry


Refreshes Automatically

All our webparts are driven by Dynamic APIs so you dont have to enter any data manually

Zero Configuration Effort

Blends into Any Theme

Be it white or your brand colors, our webparts are designed to match into any Intranet Themes.

Easy to Setup

No struggles with Code or complex configurations, just add to the page and get it running

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