Stock Market Indexes

We bring together a collection of 5 SharePoint webparts into this single powerful package

  1. NASDAQ Composite(US) - All 100+ NASDAQ companies along with their 5 seconds updated prices.
  2. FTSE London Stock Exchange - All FTSE symbols
  3. AEX Euronext Amsterdam - All AEX symbols
  4. CAC 40 Paris Euronext - All symbols in the Paris Index For Euronext
  5. World Markets - All world major indexes

Its a great tool for Companies to use it directly on their SharePoint Intranets or Place it on Big screens.

Once the index is live, it continuously reloads in the background and updates the colors on the screen.

For all the webparts it pulls in together,

  1. Index or the Stock Name
  2. Symbol
  3. Change in Percentage
  4. Change in Points (units)
  5. Color

The webpart is available for further customizations. Please let us know in case you need any further customizations.

We can customize the layout for your portfolios!

Please drop us a message at [email protected]





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