Stock Ticker for SharePoint Online blends in with all our Modern Site Pages. We migrated from SharePoint 2013 to Online a couple of years ago & this worked straight away.
Sydney Blauman
SharePoint Manager
It's awesome! this is really very easy to use and I really recommend to anyone who wants to have a cool stock quotes plugin on their intranet
Klaus Adams
IT Manager
I love this free app with options to upgrade to make it better. I wish it was completely free due to all they have to offer
Jake Holden
SharePoint Consultant
Really cool little plugin with a lot of rich features ! Simple and easy to setup. Impressive.
Skye Noble
SharePoint Intranet Manager
Quick & easy setup. We are using 2 webparts on our Intranet Landing page. 1. Company Stock Chart 2. Stock symbols for partner companies. I must say that the support has been top notch. A Great Plugin!
Natali Joshua
SharePoint Intranet Manager
Amazed by the options and varieties of webparts available. We easily filled up our entire intranet landing page using the webparts in the Add-in. Support we recieved was fantastic. Highly recommended. Thanks Dev Team
Robin Williams
The app works out of the box. 2 steps to setup and it magically refreshes everyday. Just change the height width and the Symbol and the setup is done. The developer customized the app for us and thats what we liked about it.
IT Admin
The app is very good and easy to setup. Useful piece of info pulled in automatically. Love the customization options available. Highly recommended. Helpful support available. Thanks SharePinPoint support team..
Paula Stefan
Intranet Content Team

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